About Jaidah Group

Established in 1898 and passed down generations of the Jaidah family with the aim of serving you, the customer, and the state of Qatar at large, Jaidah Group has been a recognized force of trade for over 100 years. Dealing initially within the bare necessities like food, imported from exotic destinations such as Iran and India, Jaidah Group has blossomed, expanded and conquered countless market sectors since.
Jaidah Motors and Trading Company (JMTC), created by Mr Jassim Jaidah over half a century ago, has forged with standing relationships with major international manufacturers. JMTC continues to provide the highest quality products and services to Qatar’s demanding market.
Jaidah Group prides itself on overcoming Qatar’s most challenging obstacle within the context of development and growth:
Conserving tradition whilst embracing the best of modernity and change.
Embodying a perfect harmony of these concepts, Jaidah Group provides world- class quality and professionalism, embedded within grass roots family business values.
In effect, the group guarantees honesty, integrity and mutual trust at the core of all business relationships with a commitment to building intimate bonds, emphasizing the importance of you, the customer.
The Group now boasts an array of divisions that function synonymously under the aforementioned qualities including its locally renowned automotive sector, heavy equipment, technology, energy, industrial supply and furniture sectors.

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