Industrial equipment

Industrial division is capable of undertaking turnkey projects (Except Civil & Electrical works) related to garages and service centers. From delivering hand tools, from delivering and installation of automotive lifts, garage furniture, different garage equipment, paint booths, oil management systems, exhaust extraction systems, wash lifts etc., whatever needed for making a garage operational is under the scope of Jaidah Industrial division. In addition to this, construction equipment, plumbing, threading, grooving & cutting equipment are also under the scope of Industrial division. Equipment related to underground technology is part of scope. Industrial division is associated with leading brands in the corresponding industries – Heyco, Whirl Power (Hand Tools), Rotary, BendPak (Automotive lifts), Hoffmann (Wheel aligner & balancer), Trolley Jacks (OMCN) ABAC, Al Mig (Automotive and Industrial air compressors) Thermomechanica (Paint booths), Robin Air(AC Recycling and diagnostic machine), Jean Bean(Brake lathe machine) (RIDGID (Plumbing, Threading, Grooving & Cutting, Underground Technology) Clemco (Sandblasting Equipment accessories), Cool Space (Industrial cooling fans), RODCRAFT (Pneumatic tools), Vibratech (Pokers and Vibrators) etc. are some of the examples of the brands.
Industrial division can also offer a full range of products for your metal fabrication, drilling, professional welding and plasma cutting needs. Specialized suppliers of clad welding, ETR, stud welding, oil well head welding, laser welding and arc welding equipment. Installation and delivery references are available upon request. Industrial division is dealing with the following brands to cater your demand from aforesaid needs. Fronius – Leading brand from Germany – professional welding equipment and consumable, Hypertherm – Market leader from USA – plasma cutting machines and equipment, KOCO – brand from Germany – Stud welding and consumables. Geka – welding consumables, Trafimet – welding accessories and consumables, ERMAKSAN – Press brakes, Ironworker etc.


Plumbing, Grooving & Threading

Air Compressors